Country Fair & Gathering 2020- The Sedalia Center


Country Fair & Gathering

Saturday, September 5 • 10AM

The Sedalia Center
1108 Sedalia School Road
Big Island, VA 24526
(434) 299-5080

The Country Fair & Gathering is a gathering of local farmers, gardeners, folks, and kids dedicated to rural life — what it gives to us and what it needs from us. Thinking about the future, the Country Fair aims to become a place where we come to share knowledge across the conventional/sustainable divide. The Sedalia Country Fair & Gathering is a place for conversation about culture and agriculture, and about those spaces where art and the natural sciences meet.

It’s a day for children to get outdoors, run around, play in the playground, see lots of great big horses, chickens large and small, watch Border Collies herd sheep, ride in a wagon.

It offers contests for food, flower arrangement, and photography.

Country Fair Contests

Ribbons and small cash prizes for first place in major categories will be awarded.

Poultry Show: Categories will be determined by entries. Poultry must be confined with food and water inappropriately sized cages.

Canning: Canned goods will not be opened, but will be juried according to the Virginia Dept. of Agriculture Guidelines. Categories: Fruit Preserves and Jellies; Pickles (sweet or sour); Vegetables; Fruit;
Specialty Pickling (ex: canned meat, watermelon rind, etc).

Baking: Categories will be determined by entries. Baked goods will be tasted. Judges will consider appearance, texture, and taste.

Fresh Eggs: Eggs may be brown, white, or blue/green. They will be judged on cleanliness, uniformity of size, shape, and texture of shell. No internal inspection will be performed.

Fresh Produce: Garden produce of good quality, or unusual size, or type.

Flower Arranging: Cut flower arrangements combine artistic discipline with natural beauty, and enliven the contest room. The Fair encourages home gardeners to participate.

Photography Contest: Categories are Animals, Rural Life, and Signs of the Times. Please let your imagination guide your photographic eye. Photographs should be framed or mounted on stiff backing that will allow them to be displayed. Adult and Youth Divisions (youth 12 years and under).

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