Artisan Fair at the Sedalia Center


The Artisan Fair at Sedalia is an outdoor festival nestled at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains of central Virginia that showcases the best of the region’s creative community: art, artisan craft, food, music, and agriculture.


Through a community centered model, the Artisan Fair seeks to foster long term relationships among artisan vendors, their patrons, and the growing regional creative economy. A partnership among the Bedford Area Artisan Trail, The Artisans Center of Virginia, and Sedalia Center, the Artisan Fair at Sedalia will:

1) offer a low cost opportunity for local artisans and farmers to showcase, promote, and sell their handcrafted and homegrown products;

2) provide local artisans and farmers an opportunity to meet and to build economic and creative partnerships;

3) expose festival visitors to the rich variety present in the local creative community through traditional and contemporary art, fine craft, and agricultural products;

4) give festival visitors a glimpse into the creative process and a chance to know the artists and farmers   associated with the products they purchase; and

5) make the connection between all forms of local handcrafted and homegrown products and the region’s history and traditions.

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