Wine Sisterhood

Vintage Wine Estates

About Wine Sisterhood

Wine Sisterhood is a marketing and media platform for Vintage Wine Estates company initiatives. The Wine Sisterhood engages daily with hundreds of thousands of women wine enthusiasts who want to be inspired and educated about wine and lifestyle. As a powerful marketing tool and e-commerce platform, Wine Sisterhood is an influential place to build initiatives, launch brands, test ideas, deliver feedback and even to recruit a sales force. Good things start with a sip!

About Vintage Wine Estates

Vintage Wine Estates strives to respect brands in every stage of existence. Nurturing established brands, redefining wines in transition, and creating new wines that all nestle in niches along the vine. The Vintage Wine Estates truth is in the continuous quality and brand story of each endeavor. With a pioneering spirit, an entrepreneurial drive and a passion for product, Vintage Wine Estates is all about respect for wines of all kinds (and spirits, too).

Distributed by these Blue Ridge Beverage Locations:
Salem, Abingdon, Lynchburg Territory serviced by the Salem Division