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Zinfandel is Terra d'Oro's passion, and lucky for wine enthusiasts everywhere, the region is blessed with perfect growing conditions for this world-class varietal. Terra d'Oro does not just offer its traditional Amador Zinfandel for all seasons. Instead, the winemakers have perfected three unique, single-vineyard Zinfandels: Home Vineyard Zinfandel (a small, sustainably farmed Zinfandel); School House Road (SHR) Zinfandel (a true field blend of Zinfandel, Petite Sirah and Barbera); and Deaver Vineyard Zinfandel (a real Old Vine, farmed from a vineyard planted in 1881).

In addition to producing top-notch Zinfandels, Terra d'Oro finds it difficult to ignore its Italian roots, mainly because Italian varietals make such food-friendly wines. There is something about the climate, elevation, and rich, rocky soil that allows traditional Italian varietals to not simply thrive here—but actually achieve true greatness. Many early Italian settlers sensed this and widely planted vineyards with the grapes that they knew best.

Terra d'Oro is extremely fortunate that two of Italy's most revered red wines—Sangiovese (out of Tuscany) and Barbera (out of Piedmonte)—thrive in the rocky, iron-rich soils of Amador County. These grapes develop into lush, well-balanced wines suitable for aging or immediate consumption. The Amador County Rosé, made from Nebbiolo grapes, displays a wonderful, off-dry style preferred by Europeans for centuries. Terra d'Oro also calls on carefully selected vineyards throughout California for its Moscato and targets Santa Barbara for its Pinot Grigio, resulting in crisp, vibrant, easy-drinking white wines.

About Trinchero Family Estates

In 1947, brothers John and Mario Trinchero traveled to St. Helena, California, near the renowned Napa Valley growing region, and purchased Sutter Home Winery. Mario’s son, Bob, joined the company, and in 1975 he developed the revolutionary White Zinfandel varietal. Trinchero Family Estates represents over 27 brands in the United States and Australia, including Sutter Home, Little Boomey, and Trinchero Napa Valley.

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