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About Educated Guess


Have you ever found yourself in a wine shop or restaurant perusing the wines and wondering…how do I choose the best wines for the money? You may admire a label, recognize a name, or recall a great review. In essence you are making an educated guess on how to pick from the myriad of choices in front of you. This is exactly what goes on in the vineyards and wineries around the world. How do we best combat the effects of a wet spring? Frost? A drought? When should we pick the grapes? What kind of barrels should we buy? Yeast strains? Nutrients? How long should we barrel age? The amount of possibilities for a single grape is virtually endless. At Roots Run Deep Winery we use our knowledge, intuition, and years of experience to make the best possible decisions; however, at the end of the day, it still remains an “Educated Guess.” We truly believe we have done all the guesswork for you and produced the richest, most balanced, and complex wines you can buy for the money!

About Roots Run Deep

Roots Run Deep Winery was founded in 2005 with a single aim: to produce unparalleled wines from the Napa Valley. Grapes sourced from the best vineyards in Oakville, Rutherford, St. Helena, Oak Knoll, Yountville, and Carneros go into making wines of superb quality and unmatched value. Since its founding, Roots Run Deep has expanded the wine portfolio into the Sonoma Coast, Lake County, and Lodi, searching the state for the best quality fruit in order to continue fulfilling our singular mission of delivering amazing wines at remarkable prices. It all started with an idea, a dream, and a single wine label. No wealthy family, or big name to get his foot in the door, it all had to be done through hard work, tenacity, efficiency, and creative financing. Since no bank would lend him enough money, and having little savings of his own, the founder and proprietor, Mark Albrecht, sold his house and everything inside of it in order to get the capital to start the business. While preparing to harvest his first vintage, he would also go and visit with friends and family telling them the story of what he wanted to accomplish. Fortunately, a few handfuls of them believed enough in him and what he envisioned to turn over some of their hard-earned money to help his dream become a reality.

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