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About Beviamo

Italians love to celebrate and socialize with family and friends. They usually gather around a table full of food at home or in a local bistro. The food varies by region from pork, sausages, rice, potatoes and fresh pasta in the north to fish, tomatoes, artichokes and dried pasta in the south.

During the celebrations a joyous toast is typically heard, Beviamo!

About Prestige Wine Imports

Prestige Wine Imports (PWI) is a leading importer and marketer of fine wines from Italy.

Incorporated in 1985, and currently headquartered in the heart of downtown Manhattan, PWI has defied the increasingly competitive wine industry by providing viable wine brands, service and marketing unusual for an organization of its size.

With more than 30 full-time sales and marketing professionals exclusively representing 10 Italian Wineries in a nationwide network of over 75 distributors in all 50 states, PWI has become a recognized and respected player in the wine industry.

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