Ionized Alkaline Water in a 100% Recycled Ocean-Bound Plastic Bottle

Alkaline 9.5pH

ZenWTR is considered an Alkaline Water with a pH of 9.5. To understand what that means and why it’s important, let’s go back to biology class with a refresher on the pH scale.

Vapor Distilled

Vapor Distillation is a process of its own and is widely considered the benchmark standard for removing impurities from water. Vapor Distilled water is so pure it’s used in scientific and medical labs as well as perfumeries.

100% Recycled Bottle

Our founder worked for years to secure a supply & production chain with partners and certifications able to produce our one-of-a-kind bottle: a safe, food-grade package made from certified ocean-bound plastic which helps to clean up coastal environments. Our “bottle-to-bottle” process creates a true circular economy.

Certified Ocean-Bound Plastic

You’ve seen us say that the plastic we recycle to make ZenWTR bottles is “Certified Ocean-Bound Plastic”. In fact, we’re the first beverage brand in the world using 100% Certified Ocean-Bound Plastic (Score one for the good guys!)



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