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About Strawberry

Revitalyte is an advanced rehydration solution designed to replenish vital fluids and minerals. With an optimal balance of sodium, potassium, and glucose, Revitalyte is proven to prevent dehydration more effectively than alternatives. Revitalyte is powered by the same electrolyte formula found in the baby aisle, but with an improved taste and texture more appealing to adults. Revitalyte is conveniently sold next to beer, wine, and liquor so you can shop like an adult and hydrate responsibly…

About Revitalyte

Revitalyte was created by adults who were tired of inconvenient and embarrassing trips to the baby aisle (we’ve all been there). We created Revitalyte using the same medically-proven formula commonly found in “over the counter” electrolyte solutions but we improved the flavor systems to provide a better experience for adults. Revitalyte tastes less “medicinal” and “syrupy” than competing products found in the baby aisle.

Distributed by these Blue Ridge Beverage Locations:
Salem, Abingdon