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Old Bust Head Covert hOps Black IPA


Old Bust Head Brewing Company

About Old Bust Head Covert hOps Black IPA

At first glance, Covert h’Ops could easily be confused for our Russian Imperial Stout, Gold Cup. But, hidden behind the dark exterior are layers and layers of com- plex hops. Kettle additions of CTZ, Northern Brewer, and Cascade hops give Covert a strong bitterness, pine notes, and grapefruit tones, that contrast and compliment flavors of dark chocolate and roasted espresso coming from the malts. A generous dry-hopping of Mosaic and Cascade hops, at a rate of one half lb per bbl, lends Covert h’Ops a strong, and unexpected, tropical and floral hop aroma. Revealing layers of the unexpected, Covert h’Ops Black IPA is aptly named for the secret intelligence operators who used to occupy our brewery buildings.

About Old Bust Head Brewing Company

Old Bust Head Brewing Company is named for a bygone crossroads in the rolling hills of Fauquier County, Virginia. The locals who dubbed the corner ‘Bust Head’ enjoyed not only the potent libations brewed there, but also a little good humor.

While we're serious about the art of crafting exceptional beer, and about our passion for our community and our environment, we salute those past and present who keep things playfully in perspective and make life a bit more enjoyable for all of us.

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