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Chocolate Obsession


Lickinghole Creek

About Chocolate Obsession

Chocolate Obsession’s stunning chocolate flavor derives from the combination of hundreds of pounds of chocolate malts sourced from all over the world and ridiculous amounts of South American grown cocoa nibs. Stunning chocolate flavor, full bodied and quaffable. Tastes as if it were dipped in chocolate and made to be imbibed with the one you love. Pour the bottle, turn off the lights & cue the music. 11.5%

About Lickinghole Creek

Lickinghole Creek Craft Brewery is a water-conscious, biologically friendly farm brewery carefully crafting unique and innovative beers. Set on a 290 acre farm in the heart of Virginia. LCCB grows hops, barley, herbs and spices for use in our Estate Series of beers. Lickinghole Creek is a water-conscious brewery. We brew with well water drawn from the deep. Our wastewater is purified on site and returned to the Lickinghole Creek watershed.

Our name pays homage to Little Lickinghole Creek, which runs through the farm’s rolling hills. Since precolonial times the creek has been known as the Lickinghole where wildlife stopped to drink from the nourishing waters. May the tradition continue.

Distributed by these Blue Ridge Beverage Locations:
Salem, Waynesboro, Lynchburg, Lynchburg South, Abingdon