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Hopfenkonig Pilsener



About Hopfenkonig Pilsener

The Schloss Eggenberg Hopfenkönig is the pinnacle beer of the brewery Schloss Eggenberg: a delicately herbal pilsner slowly matured and highly fermented. The Hopfenkönig radiates a lightly golden gloss. It is brewed exclusively of natural raw ingredients after the purity requirement of 1516.

About Eggenberger

Castle Eggenberg is one of Europe’s oldest breweries, its history dates back to the 10th century AD. Located in the region known as Saixkammergut north of the Alps. Commercial activities started in 1681, Eggenberg plays an important role in the beer tradition of Austria. Currently, the seventh generation operates the brewery. The beers of Eggenberg have been awarded numerous gold medals at trade fairs and exhibitions. Nowadays beer specialties of Eggenberg are being exported to 40 countries worldwide.

Distributed by these Blue Ridge Beverage Locations:
Salem, Waynesboro, Lynchburg, Lynchburg South, Abingdon