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Jeremiah Weed


Diageo North America

About Jeremiah Weed

Born from a long Southern distilling tradition in Weed, Kentucky, our Original Sweet Tea and Blended Bourbon are traditional staples in everybody's kitchen and backyard. Here you can learn about how high-quality ingredients, and love for authentic, home-brewed sweet taste, go into our products, and of course, how Jeremiah Weed the man earned his name on the bottle.

Jeremiah Weed Comes in the following Editions:

Lemonade, Lemon, Roadhouse Tea, and Cola

About Diageo North America

Founded in 1997, Diageo North American operates as a subsidiary of Diageo plc, the world's leading premium drinks business. The Diageo collection of alcohol brands includes Dublin-founded, much-adored Guinness, the best-selling Irish lager Harp, the famous Jamaican lager Red Stripe, and Ireland's Kilkenny red ales.

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