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Black Metallic Stout


Arrogant Consortia

About Black Metallic Stout

With an uncompromising celebration of intensity, we revel in vocally calling out the tyrannical beer overlords who attempt to subjugate the masses with their pap and pablum. We exist as an open challenge to the mindless industrial fizzy yellow beer drinkers. Yes, we are massively outnumbered. There are no less than 7 Billion people on this planet that don’t know, care about, or like what we do.* Yet our legions are strong, and our will is stronger. We are as massively arrogant as ever, and for just reason. We possess what they never can. We are superior in discretion and decorum. Arrogant Consortia is dedicated to aggressive beers that require taste and sophistication, and that means, like it or not, dedicated to you. Reject, and be lost. Join us, and you shall know righteousness. 7.2%

*If you’re one of those, congratulations on the self-assessment sunshine! One less that we have to point it out to. Now run along, the adults are talking....

About Arrogant Consortia

We exist out of the line of sight for most, in the space between light and shadow, just out of focus. We are crusaders raging against tyrannical mediocrity. We operate in silence, yet our influence speaks loudly. Where the masses blindly accept the status quo, we illuminate an elevated standard. We believe the people of this world deserve better than what the establishment has given them. We empower our legion of followers to demand greatness. We believe good is not good enough. We never settle for acceptable. We are not alone in our mission. Our legion is strong. Our infiltrations are as extensive as they are covert.


Distributed by these Blue Ridge Beverage Locations:
Salem, Waynesboro, Lynchburg, Lynchburg South, Abingdon