Hamm’s fans can’t get enough of its Throwback Pack


It’s safe to say Hamm’s’ loyal fans love its new Throwback Pack.

The retro-inspired look, which includes a striking blue can and a lakeshore scene on its secondary packaging, has flown off shelves since it was introduced in April, giving the brand a welcome boost. Since the Throwback Pack debuted, Hamm’s has grown 62% in volume through July 10 versus 2021, according to IRI multi-outlet and convenience store data.

“It’s been a hot item from the beginning. People were going out of their way to find the retro packs,” says Marissa Meliker, associate marketing manager for Hamm’s. “Our Hammpions have been thrilled with the recognition of the brand’s heritage. It’s exceeded our expectations.”

While the packaging changes boosted sales volume significantly, it’s also helped move the beer faster, Meliker says, citing IRI data showing velocity up 38% from April through July versus last year. And the numbers are an indication that the brand has recovered from supply constraints that hampered it in 2021.

The Throwback Pack – in market through September – was designed to pay tribute to the brand’s heyday in the 1950s and '60s, when it was one of the nation’s best-selling beers. The retro look features the iconic Hamm’s crown superimposed atop of a lakeside scene – a forest overlooking sky-blue waters, while royal-blue limited-edition cans also boast the Hamm’s crown and the brand’s twin slogans: “The beer…refreshing!” and “From the land of sky blue waters.”

When the new packaging launched in the spring, the stated goal was to fuel growth of the iconic 157-year-old brand. Mission accomplished, Meliker says.

“These small packaging changes had a huge impact, and a lot of credit is due to Hamm’s loyal fans, who were so excited about it and kept sharing their photos across social media,” she says. “We knew the Throwback Pack would be popular, and we’re seeing consumers’ enthusiasm translate.”

As Hamm’s rides a wave of momentum, it’s also lining up some new marketing partnerships, including a new merchandise collection with cycling company Cadence.

“We know Hamm’s fans love to represent the brand, so we look forward to seeing these partnerships take off,” Meliker says.

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