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Rooster Walk 10


Thursday, May 24 Through Sunday May 27, 2018
675 Hobson Road - Martinsville, Va. 24112

Making the most of a tragic situation, that’s how Rooster Walk came about.

The Rooster Walk Music and Arts Festival was created in memory of two of our best childhood friends who passed away while still in their 20s: Edwin “the Rooster” Penn and Walker Shank. This festival celebrates life and the notion that you shouldn’t waste a moment of it.

When Edwin died in a dirt-bike accident in November 2007, and Walker passed from heart trouble while asleep in his apartment in December 2008, close friends decided a music festival was a fitting way to tribute. Rooster Walk was created, with the idea that proceeds from the festival go toward a college scholarship fund at their alma mater, Martinsville High School.

We’re happy to report that the mission has been a great success. We’ve raised more than $150,000 for local and regional charities, with more than half of that going to the “Penn-Shank Memorial Scholarship Fund” at MHS.

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