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Imperial Rye



About Imperial Rye

Imperial Rye is a spicy, golden red beer with a floral hop aroma. It is sweet up-front with a smooth, aromatic finish. To fully enjoy all the flavors, this beer is best enjoyed at 55 degrees Fahrenheit. 9.5%

About Shipyard

Shipyard Brewing Company is a family owned brewery -- rooted in tradition and brimming with innovation. Our award-winning beer is carefully handcrafted by our talented team of brewers who learned the fine art of brewing from world-renowned master brewer, Alan Pugsley.

Our mission is simple: We’re committed to brewing the freshest, most flavorful, full-bodied ales available using only the finest, all natural ingredients.

Distributed by these Blue Ridge Beverage Locations:
Salem, Waynesboro, Lynchburg, Abingdon