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Magic Hat Dream Machine

Craft, Year Round

North American Breweries, Inc.

About Magic Hat Dream Machine

Dream Machine is an India Pale Lager, a melding of varied versions of an India Pale Ale and an Amber Lager. Once poured, its light copper color delights the eyes and a citrusy hop aroma flows theough the noise. Upon first sip, a mooth hop bitterness reveals itself - fresh, bold and slightly spicy - before subtle hints of mild maltiness appear. A big hop bite and a crisp, clean lager finish combine for a beautfiully balanced beer. Take Dream Machine for a spin and let your revie begin.

Turn on. Hop in. Take off. 

About North American Breweries, Inc.

North American Breweries, Inc., the largest independently-owned beer company in the United States, was formed in 2009 by KPS Capital Partners, LP, a private equity fund.  The company owns and operates five U.S. breweries, including the Genesee Brewery, Magic Hat Brewing Company, and Pyramid Breweries.

Distributed by these Blue Ridge Beverage Locations:
Salem, Waynesboro, Lynchburg, South Boston, Abingdon