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Labatt Blue


North American Breweries, Inc.

About Labatt Blue

Labatt Blue is a clean, refreshing pilsner with a distinctive hoppy aroma, a delicate character, and a slightly sweet aftertaste.

The pilsner-style lager comes from the Czech Republic, where it was first brewed in 1842. Today pilsner has grown beyond Europe and North America to become the world's most popular kind of beer, brewed from Brazil to Beijing.

The light body and fresh taste of a pilsner make it a versatile partner for many different foods. Steve enjoys Blue with classic bar fare like burgers and pizza, but it also makes a refreshing match with spicier fare like hot wings or Mexican food.

Blue by the numbers:

  • Calories: 135
  • Carbs: 9.9 grams
  • ABV: 5%
About North American Breweries, Inc.

North American Breweries, Inc., the largest independently-owned beer company in the United States, was formed in 2009 by KPS Capital Partners, LP, a private equity fund.  The company owns and operates five U.S. breweries, including the Genesee Brewery, Magic Hat Brewing Company, and Pyramid Breweries.

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