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About Lost Rhino New River

Lost Rhino has acquired the rights to New River and brews it to the same exacting recipe. Among the numerous awards won by New River was the Silver Medal at the 2004 Great American Beer Festival.

Three hop additions in the boil and then gloriously dry hopped, New River is an extremely aromatic American-style pale ale. The use of American Crystal and Munich malts create sweetness in the finish that balances the hop bitterness. The blend of the Pacific Northwest hops Amarillo, Cascade, Columbus, and Centennial generates aroma and flavors of lemon citrus, pine, and touches of sweet tropical fruit.

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About Lost Rhino

We here at Lost Rhino Brewing Co. challenge the craft beer enthusiast to experience adventure and awesomeness in each of our beers. The brewery was born out of the fierce desire to keep the tradition of craft brewing alive in Northern Virginia. We were longtime brewers from Old Dominion and bought back the brewhouse and moved it to its new location in Ashburn, VA. It is here that we're brewing some of the most outstanding pilsners and ales in the Washington, DC area.

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