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Foothills Craft Happiness Project - Terrain


Foothills Brewing

About Foothills Craft Happiness Project - Terrain

The rugged hills and trails of western North Carolina beckon with their own special call of the wild. One that promises adventure, rejuvenation, and an intimate commune with nature. This IPA is dedicated to helping #CraftHappiness on the trails of our beautiful Appalachian Mountains. Not only do they beckon us with their soul-renewing presence - they gave us the name of our brewery. 6.3% ABV 75 IBU

About the #CraftHappiness IPA Project

We love making IPAs. And we love helping our neighbors. So we came up with a way to do both. Each month Craft Happiness Project will feature a new IPA, and a new charitable cause. A portion of sales proceeds will be dedicated to areas of need related to each month’s cause. Because making
craft beer is just what we do. Our community is who we are.

About Foothills Brewing

Established in 2004, Foothills Brewing offers handcrafted beer brewed under the supervision of president and Brewmaster Jamie Bartholomaus. Foothills now includes the highly popular Carolina Blonde and Cottonwood Ales beer lines. In downtown Winston-Salem, Chef Shane Moore offers a menu that goes hand-in-hand with Foothills beer for an all-around enjoyable brewery experience.

Distributed by these Blue Ridge Beverage Locations:
Salem, Waynesboro, Lynchburg, South Boston, Abingdon