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About Obol

Obol Oat Wine is dark brown with deep red highlights and topped by an off-white head that exhibits great lacing. It is full-bodied and smooth thanks to its slick, velvety mouthfeel derived from the use of flaked oats in the grain bill. Obol’s aroma and flavor profiles are dominated by warm, roasty malt with bready, biscuit-like notes balanced by a subtle hop presence and strong 9% ABV. Ready for a departure? Think of this beer as your fare, because everyone pays the ferryman.

About DuClaw

Dave and DuClaw Brewing Company Brewmaster Jim Wagner are the masterminds behind our amazing array of craft brewed beers. Through constant innovation and testing of new recipes, combinations and ingredients, the pair have brewed more than 35 unique beers and countless variations and blends. Some are available on tap and in bottles year round, while the others rotate in and out of our lineup depending upon available ingredients, seasonal appropriateness of the style, and what we’re in the mood to drink that week. The rest of the DuClaw Brewing Company staff, from Creative to Distribution, works together with Dave and Jim from the conception of the name to the branding and product launch, to create a unique image and identity for each and every new beer, with Dave’s original mantra still the only guiding principal: Make it cool.

Distributed by these Blue Ridge Beverage Locations:
Salem, Waynesboro, Lynchburg, South Boston, Abingdon